MegaFlow™ Speed Kit

MegaFlow™ Speed Kit
When you have the need for speed, the MegaFlow™ Speed Kit delivers

Evacuation is often one of the most time consuming processes in HVAC/R service...but it doesn't have to be.  With the MegaFlow™ Speed Kit, fast evacuation is possible!

One of the biggest factors in evacuation speed is flow.  When evacuating through restrictive hoses and valve cores, flow in a vacuum is virtually nothing...but remove the restrictions and use large diameter hoses and the flow increases exponentially. Remember, The Greater The Flow, The Faster You Go!

The MegaFlow™ Speed Kit consists of MegaFlow™ Valve Core Removal Tools, large-diameter MegaFlow™ Vacuum-Certified hoses, and a MegaFlow™ Vacuum Manifold all in a handy carrying case.  This kit provides the essential tools for any fast evacuation job including on a large chiller, rack, and refrigeration systems. When used properly, the Speed Kit can maximize the flow to any vacuum pump, meaning you save time and money.

To truly unleash the TEZ™8’s full potential, pair it with the MegaFlow™Speed Kit to form the Award Winning TEZ Speed System™ and complete your next evacuation job in record time.

High-Speed Vacuum Manifold

  • Drastically increase speed and reduce evacuation times: full 1/2" connection
  • Manifold body forged from aircraft-grade aluminum for lightweight durability
  • Large, ball bearing-actuated knobs for easy operation under pressure

Vacuum-Certified Refrigerant Hoses

  • Ultra-Flexible 1/2" and 3/8" hoses provide larger interior diameter for superior performance
  • Rated for use with R410A and all other common refrigerants
  • Connect to multiple areas of the system for maximum efficiency

Vacuum-Rated Valve Core Removal Tools

  • The original Vacuum-Rated valve core removal tool
  • Easily remove access cores for full, unrestricted flow
  • Double O-Ring ball valve seal for accurate "blank off" vacuum testing
  • 1/4" side port for vacuum gauge attachment
  • MegaGrip™ Core Tip minimizes lost cores

Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap

  • Compartment in lid keeps hoses in place
  • Protective pocket for the MegaFlow™ Manifold
  • Convenient storage loops can hold up to 6 Valve Core Removal Tools
  • Zippered compartment holds up to 9 TEZOM™ Micron-Dry Oil cartridges
  • Accessory pockets for meters and other useful items

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