MegaSeal™ Vacuum-Rated Connectors & Port-Sealing Accessories

MegaSeal™ Vacuum-Certified Connectors & Port-Sealing Accessories
Versatile Connectors & Port-Sealing Accessories

Low-Loss Charging T-Fittings

  • Drastically Minimize Charge Loss: Accurately charge AC/R systems without using a manifold or unnecessary hoses
  • Multifaceted Adapter for Easy Charging: Quickly check system pressure  
  • Designed for pressure and vacuum
  • Available in 1/4" (black) and 5/16” (rose) system connection sizes

Connectors and Adapters

  • Seamlessly constructed copper designs
  • Virtually eliminate leak and failure points
  • Works in pressure and vacuum
  • Low loss fittings ensures accurate, reliable measurements
  • Available in 45º or 90°

Vacuum-Certified Aluminum Port Caps

  • Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Rated to 20 microns
  • Standard sized replacement cap kits
  • Available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" connections  
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Additional Features

MegaSeal™ Vacuum-Rated Connection Accessories
Part NO. Description
CTEE14 MegaSeal™ Low-Loss Charging T-Fitting - 1/4"
CTEE516 MegaSeal™ Low-Loss Charging T-Fitting - 5/16"
VFL45B MegaSeal™ 45° Vacuum-Rated Connector (1/4" Male to Female Adapter)
VFL45L MegaSeal™ 4" 45° Vacuum-Rated Connector (2x1/4" Female Flare Swivel)
VFL90L MegaSeal™ 4" 90° Vacuum-Rated Connector (2x1/4" Female Flare Swivel)
KTCAP10-14 MegaSeal™ 1/4" Cap with Strap - 10 pack
KTCAP10-38 MegaSeal™ 3/8" Cap with Strap - 10 pack